Post Sixty Five has been described as “exciting and sexy in their exploration of the dichotomies of beauty and ugliness, of fullness and emptiness, of silence and chaos.” Images of summer and sweltering heat permeate the band’s lyrics, written by frontman and lyricist Hicham Benhallam. Laced with lush guitars, hyper-melodic bass lines, and energetic percussion, the band creates a sonic landscape that sets the scene for longing, pain and destructive desire. 

The 5-piece indie rock outfit lies through their teeth on their debut EP, “i think we’ll be okay,” a record that conceals loneliness in the folds of unconvincing comfort. Produced by Chris Jackson at Blue Sprocket Sound (Harrisonburg, VA), “i think we’ll be okay” makes its mark on the local music scene as a carefully constructed demonstration of the art of balance: an exercise in musical negotiation and unsuccessful emotional restraint.

vocals | hicham benhallam

guitar | john matter

guitar | kim mcmasters

bass | matt wood

drums | ryan wood

photography by The Pinwheel Collective.